Sunday, 7 December 2008

Animation Research

Animation Research Questions:
  1. What are the conventions of Animation?
    (See Blog #1)

  2. How have they changed/ developed over time?
    (See Blog #1)

  3. What are the different styles of animation?
    (See Blog #1)
  4. What are the different methods of animation?
    (See Blog #1)

  5. Why are there cartoons being made for adults when they are supposed to be aimed at children?
    Many debate weather or not adult cartoons should be aired on television. However i think that it has only become an issue because the majority of cartoons are generally directed towards children. The animation audience is made up of more then children as such, the content of an animated series should not have a default requirement to be 'kid-friendly'. There is no hard or fast rule that animation must be limited to children.
  6. How does the style of animation vary throughout cultural interest?
    There is a very wide variety of different styles/methods/themes in animation. And sometimes depending on the cultural background of the theme/idea that the cartoons are based upon, obviously the style will be different.
    For example one of the most popular and recognized animation films are the Japanese Anime cartoons. They are most commonly recognized for their unique exaggerated stylization.
  7. Why does the stereotypical theme of 'damsel in distress, villain and hero' commonly occur in animation films?
  8. How come animation has remained so popular in the advancing technology industry?

An interesting clip of animation i found on you tube, i found the method and stylistic of it very interesting:

Die Flickenkoenigin

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Mr Parker said...

Kelly, it's great to see that you have such a great interest in this topic, and there is some truly fantastic animation out there, which often blurs the boundaries between film and video-art.

Check out some Jan Svankmejer short films:

Also, could you catch up the rest of the blogging post haste...