Monday, 9 May 2011

Trekking the Himalayas

Hi all! I have been so incredibly busy the past week- Pippa and my Dad arriving for the trek and now we are making our way down to India tomorrow via several buses and train rides. I will post more in writing once I get to India. But for the moment here are some pictures of our trek and general life in Nepal. Missing you all so much! Wish you were here with me Richie!!! Love you all!
K xoxo

Me and my chick

View from our hotel room at Nagarkot

Sunrise at 5:30AM

Old villager smoking Marijuana

Thought about you Mum - miss you!

Food porn

Local villager and her goats

Early morning wake-up call (5:15AM) to watch the sun rise over the Himalayas
Grandpa: If you happen to see this picture of me... I am terribly sorry about my eyebrow piercing. It's completely unoticable when I don't have it in and I promise I won't wear it around you - just think of how much you love Abby from N.C.I.S! PLEASE DON'T BE TOO MAD! LOVE YOU!!!!

Dad and I, Nagarkot

Rice, corn and tea terraces

The local village houses

Jess and a two day old goat

Lucy and Jess on a banana break

Curly whirly plants

Tiger, Parrot, Elephant and Moose

Standard meal - the Nepalese make killer vegetable soups

First morning of the trek


A very pretty slug

My personal message to the world

Abandoned army training camp

A pile of spices

Pippa, Jess, myself and Gopal

Dad and his favorite weed

Abandoned army training camp

Babies with eyeliner

Kathmandu city

More henna

A very beautiful human being


Monkey Temple

Monkey Temple

Candles made out of boiled fat at Monkey Temple

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