Sunday, 6 September 2009

FINAL FILM - Location Shots


The location is an abandoned warehouse in Sai Kung. Lots of level, mostly covered in graffiti.
From different angles, you can get different effects from the lighting (lighter/darker).

We picked this floor because it was the cleanest and not a lot needed to be done to improve it.

We will have to make sure we are able to exclude the more obvious graffiti. The size of the rooms will make for interesting shots.

(From the door)
The room we picked is on the far end of the third floor. It hasn't got too much that needs fixing up, and it's got great natural lighting.

(From the opposite corner of the door)

We are going to leave the room and the feel of the warehouse slightly grubby and roughed up so that it doesn't have that pristine clean feel to things.

We found this security camera in the room next to it. If possible remove it and put ti in our room?

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